Learn guitar free lessons online I’m a Pittsburgh consultant and a beginner music lover. I’m trying to be a good guitar player, and I’m dabbling in the piano as well.

When I was a young kid, I didn’t have much of a musical background and never did learn much about music. Nowadays though, I’m trying to change that. I guess the defining moment came when I went to Ann Arbor to visit my cousin in 2001, and we went to the Berlin Philharmonic, who was in town for the weekend. It simply blew my mind away, and I felt something then that never went away. It was only a few years after that, that I finally went to really start learning how to play the guitar.

I’m not that musically talented, and sometimes difficult chords make me wish my fingers were longer or more lithe, or sometimes I just end up frustrated because I keep making mistakes, but learning the guitar’s been a great journey that has rewarded me with the experience of making music out of my own hands that’s simply magical.

I started this website to showcase a few guitar lessons that can probably help you along your way, but I do this on top of my job and all that, so bear with me if I don’t update as regularly.

I hope you find my site interesting!