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Published on March 22, 2008 with 13 Comments

Welcome to the Internet where the resources for the guitar player are many and free! With the plethora of guitar sites out there though, you will need to focus on the sites that give you the best guitar lessons for your time and effort. I’ve made a list of the better free guitar tabs sites below. Remember, put in effort and you’ll play the guitar like a pro before you know it. Have fun!

What are guitar tabs (or guitar tablature), and why are they so important in learning how to play the guitar?

Guitar tabs are actually musical notation that use letters and symbols that represent the musical direction. Guitar tabs are unique because they make use of musical direction instead of the usual musical notes. Guitar tabs are actually a very ancient system, dating back many, many years.

When using guitar tabs, the vertical lines represent the actual strings of the instrument, the horizontal lines of guitar tabs represent the frets, and the dots on a guitar tab represent the position that the fingers should be in.

Check out some of the better sites that offer free guitar tabs here:

Your #1 source for guitar tabs, bass tabs & chords. Comprehensive tabs archive with over 70000+ of tabs!

learn how to play the guitar | learn guitar free

Thousands of guitar tab, bass tab, drum tab, keyboard tab (piano tab), power tab, and lyrics for thousands of bands. New tabs daily.

learn how to play the guitar | learn guitar free

Extensive 100000+ guitar tabs archive, bass tabs, drum tabs, keyboard & guitar lessons.

learn how to play the guitar | learn guitar free

A complete guitar tabs site with Olga search, chords,lessons,utilites, and scales.

learn how to play the guitar | learn guitar free

#1 source for guitar tablature online. They have guitar tabs for songs by your favorite bands.

learn how to play the guitar | learn guitar free

Search over 60000 songs. Find guitar and bass tabs tablature tab. Search by song title or artist. Submit and Request files.

learn how to play the guitar | learn guitar free

Over 200 video songs lessons and tabs. combines quality video lessons served up by YouTube with accurate easy-to-print tabs so that you can more easily learn your favorite songs.

learn how to play the guitar | learn guitar free

All this may be overwhelming for the beginner though. I know, because I’ve been through the exact same process. What I discovered was that a well-structured guitar course that shows you what to do step-by-step is essential to helping you learn how to play the guitar and take advantage of all these online guitar resources.

I’m using a guitar lesson packaged called Jamorama, which is IMHO, one of the best value for money packages around. Check out my review on Jamorama, which includes my personal experience and screenshots.


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  3. I’m learning to play the guitar and am always on the lookout for sites to help me. Those links were great! I wanted to pass along a site I found that has a few basic videos showing how to play the guitar. I’m not sure if you’re interested in how to videos, but I found these useful when I was just starting out.

  4. I learned how to play guitar using Jamorama as well. It has video lessons and tutuorials as well.

  5. I’ve got Jamorama and it’s really pretty comprehensive. It helped me understand how to start off and learn the important parts of the guitar without a teacher being physically there

  6. i want to learn guitar from the childhood i was intrested to learn guitar please help me. i know that without a teacher i can’t learn guitar

  7. i want to learn guitar wiyh all of my heart

  8. I want to learn electric and acoustic guitar lessons

  9. Nice site and good work
    I benefited a lot from him

  10. I feel the information given regarding guitar is nice but it doesnt deal with the learning steps of guitar
    plz if any body knows how to play a guitar then send the msg on mail..

  11. Hey. Im dying to learn how to play the electric guitar and as quickly as possible!! whats the best site to learn from (I have no musical background)?? and how long will it take to be able to play a song (if u commit yourself)?

  12. If you commit yourself to intensive playing, a week would even work out for some people.

    Most lessons and tips are usually found over many different sites, since there’s no one single site that has all the info that you need. i highly recommend Jamorama though, and you can read my Jamorama review here.

    Good luck with your electric guitar learning!

  13. Good luck learning how to play the guitar everyone!

  14. The listed sites above are great for learning how to play the guitar

  15. Learning guitar at isn't a tough task but to select a proper war is essential. Many sites can help you to learn it online but I would recommend lessons from professionals. It is also possible through video lessons which is a good choice to have.

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