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Hello I’m Ben,

Thanks for checking out my Guitar SuperStars review. This guitar lesson package is very popular, but is it really worth it? Well, Guitar SuperStars offers a well-structured lesson plan made up of many lessons given by experienced and talented guitar teachers.

Introducing Guitar SuperStars

guitar super stars review

Note: This is a review, click here to visit the Guitar SuperStars website.

Guitar SuperStars is a popular way to learn the guitar, but it’s always good to get a review first. In this Guitar Superstars review, we find out just how good Guitar Superstars is, and whether or not it’s worth buying to learn the guitar.

I have personally bought and used the Guitar SuperStars program for 2 weeks. Besides Guitar Superstar, I have had the group guitar classes, personal guitar lessons, followed online guitar videos, and bought other guitar lesson programs as well.

I found Guitar SuperStars to be a well laid out lesson program with professional, high-quality lesson videos. This is not your amateur videos, and you can tell that there was a lot of work put into the production of these guitar videos.

Value For Money

guitar super stars For its price, this program is affordable compared to the other guitar lesson alternatives. For instance, comparing it to the $25 (minimum) that you have to pay for EACH guitar lesson by a guitar teacher, it quickly becomes clear how affordable this program is. For me, it was the money-back guarantee that made me take the leap and give this guitar program a try – after all, there was nothing to lose!

For the price of 2 personal guitar lessons, I now have several months’ worth of guitar lessons to keep me occupied. I can take these guitar lessons whenever I want, and I can also pause and rewind the guitar videos (which I find myself doing a lot). You obviously can’t do that in a personal guitar lesson, so it’s something that I found indispensible.

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The Actual Guitar Lessons

Consisting of many individual guitar lessons of progressive difficulty, you will need to go through drills and be given tips to help with your guitar training. I liked the fact that each different guitar playing style had a different teacher (and it’s an accomplished, experienced teacher!). The best thing is that you can go through each lessons as many times as you need to, and at the pace that you’re comfortable with. That’s one thing that I appreciate about Guitar SuperStars that you can’t get in normal guitar classes.

When you go through the guitar lessons, it’s very clear that the guitar teachers know their stuff. In fact, they answer a lot of the questions in advance that people would normally have if they were taking the same lesson in person, so it’s a level of detail that I really appreciate.

Real Practice, Real Work

As with any form of guitar lessons, you can’t expect to be a guitar expert just by watching a guitar video. You’ll need hard work and practice, and lots of it. With perseverance, you’ll be able to get the results that you want, and be really good with the guitar. The good thing is that this lesson package is comprehensive and well-structured enough to be a fantastic teaching aid in your journey to be a guitar expert.

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With Guitar SuperStars, my guitar skills have gotten much better, and I’m finding myself capable of playing difficult rock solos that I wasn’t able to play just a few weeks ago. I’m excited to think about where I’ll be a month or two from now.

Any Bad Points About Guitar SuperStars?

I’m very satisfied about Guitar SuperStars, but if you ask me, there is one sore spot. Guitar SuperStars comes with a software called GSS Jam Machine. This is a software that create Jams to enhance your collaborative ability play along with tracks that you create. What this does is similar to a track sequencer, and allows you to throw in drums and other music instruments to the guitar tracks that you play. This is great when you get better, because it’ll make your playing sound a lot cooler. Well, it sounds cool, but I’m not a big fan of this GSS Jam Machine software, and have not used it since the first time I tried it out.

guitar superstars gss jam machine

That’s not a problem to me though, because I’m interested in this program for a one-time flat fee to access a lifetime’s worth of guitar video lessons and updates. If you’re willing to invest the time and effort to practice, then this is definitely a bargain.

Conclusion – Is Guitar SuperStars Worth Buying?

In my opinion, it definitely is. The low price-point already makes it attractive, and when you consider the wealth of knowledge with all the professsionally created guitar video lessons, then it becomes a no-brainer. I guess that just about sums up my Guitar Superstars review. If you choose to get Guitar SuperStars, remember to stay committed, and you’ll find yourself becoming an expert with the guitar in no time.

Click Here to Go to The Official Guitar SuperStars Website

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