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  • Free Guitar Lessons

    Free Guitar Lessons

    The web can be your best resource in finding free lessons on how to play the guitar. It’s easily available, convenient, and you might be able to find that some lessons are free! Here are some great free guitar lessons: A free series of progressive guitar lessons created with the beginner in mind. Very useful! [...]

  • jamorama lessons to learn guitar

    Jamorama Review – Learn Guitar Fast!

    When I stumbled upon Jamorama one day, I was beginning to feel really frustrated, and quickly decided that I should spend some money to see if this program would get me anywhere. In the end, I was surprised that I felt rather impressed with everything. The price was really damn reasonable. It even came with [...]

  • guitar basics explained

    Basics of Guitar

    Learning something for the first time can be really exciting. But you should know the basics of any trade before you become a master of it. So, is the case with learning how to play the guitar too. You will have to learn the basic of guitar before you can start playing it in public. [...]

  • learn how to play the guitar, guitar routine, learn guitar free

    How To Develop a Guitar Practice Routine

    Have you thought about what kind of guitar player you want to be? A clear vision of what you want to become, and understanding what you really want, does help you to know what kind of guitar lessons you should focus on. Once you have figured that out, then you can come out with a [...]

  • Free Guitar Tabs

    Free Guitar Tabs

    Welcome to the Internet where the resources for the guitar player are many and free! With the plethora of guitar sites out there though, you will need to focus on the sites that give you the best guitar lessons for your time and effort. I’ve made a list of the better free guitar tabs sites [...]